Workout Schedule

Build strong toned, muscles, improve posture and torch calories.

Sweat Barre: A total body workout using ballet-inspired deep muscle toning techniques to create long lean muscles. No shoes. Optional socks. Dance experience NOT required.
Sweat Boxing + Strength: Features traditional boxing drills including shadow boxing, heavy bags, mitts, footwork, defensive techniques, and more. The remaining portion of the workout will focus on traditional and innovative strength training techniques using dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX Suspensions Trainers, etc. Sweat Boxing + Strength combines the benefits of high intensity boxing drills with slower more controlled strength training for a well rounded total body workout. Participants will be “gloved up” for approximately 50% of this workout. Weather permitting some exercises many be performed outside such as jogging, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. Regarding boxing equipment, Sweat Therapy offers loaner boxing gloves and wraps  for the first three boxing workouts. After three workouts, we highly recommend purchasing personal boxing equipment to ensure proper fit. However, should clients wish to continue using Sweat Therapy gloves and wraps a $5 rental fee will apply per workout.
Sweat Strength: Build muscle through traditional and innovative strength training techniques. Workouts include longer rest intervals so you can work to increase weight over time. Equipment may include dumbbells, resistance bands, sandbags, TRX® and more.
Sweat Strength + Row: Combines traditional and innovative strength training techniques with high intensity rowing intervals. Heavy weights, resistance bands, and TRX Suspension Trainers may be included in this workout.
Sweat Yoga: Strength based flow yoga that focuses on toning muscles, conditioning the core and improving flexibility and balance.