Who We Are

Sweat Therapy Fitness workouts have no more than twenty people and are carefully crafted by certified trainers using exercise progressions and modifications to ensure you’re challenging your current fitness level. We’re a locally-owned business, and we take pride in our family atmosphere and personalized attention. The workouts might be small, but your results will be huge!

Conveniently located in the Manor @ Midtown, Sweat Therapy Fitness provides members two spa-like locker rooms with spacious showers and towel service. Locker rooms are also fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hair dryers.


We Believe

We believe in discipline. We believe in fitness. And most of all, we believe in SWEAT. Our facility may look like a gym, but it is much more. It’s a high tech playground of passion, where guidance and motivation can always be found. We aren’t just trainers; we are people who have been there. We’ve tackled obesity, we’ve reshaped our lifestyles, we’ve conquered challenges, and we’ve made fitness a way of life. We know that it is NOT impossible because we believe in the power of SWEAT.

What We Do

Make an impact in our community. Maintain a fun, friendly and inspiring atmosphere. Lead the way with our expertise in fitness. Cultivate a collaborative family culture. Provide innovative fitness training.