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Let us help you on your path to becoming stronger and achieving your goals for a healthy lifestyle. If you are new to exercise or just looking for a jumpstart to your fitness, this program is for you!
Created by Sweat Therapy Fitness Owner/ Founder Kim Bibeau, Commit To Get Fit, is a proven accountability program designed to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. Kim creates each workout for maximal results and leads the small group sessions with the assistance of her husband and certified group fitness instructor Brian Bibeau.

As someone who has tackled her own lifestyle transformation, losing more than 80 pounds as a single mom raising two girls, Kim knows through personal experience that getting healthy and staying fit is a lifetime journey, achievable through realistic goals and hard work. 

A proven program, Commit To Get Fit, brings together like-minded individuals in an inspiring team atmosphere to produce real results through exercise, camaraderie and accountability.


Commit to Get Fit Includes:

  • Kick-off & Final session with baseline assessment and group workout
  • Small group workouts, 45 minutes each
  • Private email group for accountability check ins, healthy recipes, and other tips to reclaim your health & fitness 
  • Optional weekly weigh-ins


First, I want to say how much I am really enjoying taking part in this round of Commit To Get Fit. It is so fun, challenging,
and a great mental/emotional boost after over a year of all we went through.
Kim, you make having an aching a** a joy!  ~SR

Think you aren’t in good enough shape to work out?  I did–I was overweight, over 70,  have a bad shoulder and knee, and hadn’t worked out in I don’t know how many years.  But I found Kim and she introduced me to her “Commit to Get Fit” class about 6 months ago.  I’ve taken the class every month since.  I’ve gained confidence, flexibility and strength and lost a few pounds!  I love that she individualizes the program to each person’s needs by giving alternate methods of an exercise.  The group is small and intimate and we get to know each other and have so much fun.  We are NEVER bored!   Ages range from 13 to over 70.  We help each other get thru the tough work outs and celebrate each other’s successes.  Even if you think you can’t do this–you can!  Give it a try.  Kim and all the class participants are there to encourage you every step of the way.  Come join us!!! ~BZ

Thank you so much for Commit to Get Fit! I am so glad that I found this class. I’ve never been a “gym-person,” but now I look forward to it. I can’t tell you what a difference this class has made in my life. ~KH

Commit to Get Fit changed my relationship with my body and made me believe in my own strength (mental and physical). I love the group dynamic, where we are all cheering each other on, and the positive energy and feedback from my fellow CTGF’ers and especially from Kim, who is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement! We laugh a lot in class and we work out hard. I used to dread going to the gym and now I look forward to every class! ~ KS

Kim encourages but never pushes me to do more than I’m capable of doing. That said, I’m amazed at the strength, stamina and flexibility
I have developed through my workouts. ~RD