Workout Schedule

Maximize efficiency by combining strength and cardiovascular training for fast sustainable results.

Sweat Camp: A Sweat Therapy signature workout that’s different every time! This bootcamp style workout can include the TRX®, BOSU® balance trainer, dumbbells, Dynamax balls, battle ropes, TRX® rip trainers and more. Some exercises may be performed outside.
Triple Play REVOLUTION: One of the most popular workouts at Sweat Therapy Fitness, Triple Play REVOLUTION combines RealRyder® cycling, TRX® Suspension Training, and IndoRow® water rowing for a 60 minute total body training session that builds muscle, challenges the heart and lungs and torches fat. This fast paced workout is ideal for those that have already experienced a Sweat Therapy workout.
TRX Challenge: A bootcamp style workout but with a focus on TRX® Suspension Training. While This workout may incorporate small segments utilizing other equipment such as dumbbells, BOSU®, Dynamax balls and TRX® rip trainers, participates should expect to spend the majority of the workout training on the TRX® suspension trainer.