Open Sweat Cycle

Open Sweat Cycle workouts are individually paced rides using the innovative RealRyder indoor cycling bikes. Riders train their legs, core and arms while improving cardiovascular efficiency and balance. Open Sweat Cycle workouts are beneficial for all fitness levels. Self-guided cycling gives participants control over  their own ride allowing both experienced cyclists and novices to ride together while working towards individual goals. Riders are encouraged to bring headphones and their own source of music. Enjoy your own playlists, control your own ride and experience all the benefits of the innovative RealRyder indoor cycling bike. It’s just like riding on the road, but with air conditioning!

For seniors and those with chronic illnesses, regular cycling can help improve quality of life, confidence and independence. For those with Parkinson’s Disease, cycling has been linked to improvements in gross motor movements.


Open Sweat Cycle
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